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“You're not like everyone else, and we're not here to fit a mold.” - Ashley Burkhardt


Why Ashley is different.

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Ashley and her team LOVE helping athletes become the very best and most confident versions of themselves and may be putting on a clinic near you very soon! Check out where we'll be headed next.

Home of the When the Cleats Come Off Podcast

I love getting to know some of the game's greatest athletes and coaches and teach the game I love, so I decided to do it on my own podcast! Below is one of our most listened to podcast interviews with 3x Olympian, Cat Osterman!

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When the Cleats Come Off can be found wherever you listen to podcasts!

"Ashley dives deep into motivation, goal setting, visualization, and journaling - all of the things that you know need to be done in order to reach the highest levels of the sport, but also the things that are almost always neglected by other instructors. The best parts of Logan’s game are her mental toughness, and resilience, which both come from mirroring Ashley’s actions, and her reactions, and from actively working with Ashley on these cognitive aspects of the game. "

Matt Rumble
Father of Ashley B Training Athlete, Logan

Hitting Drills are my JAM!

Dad and I used to spend HOURS going through YouTube to try to find the best pitching, hitting and defensive drills, which is why I created a page to give you some of my favorite drills in one spot!

Softball Tools

Want to see a list of some of my favorite softball "hacks" and hitting tools I personally use in the cage with my athletes each week?!

Want a large library of hitting drills, accountability, 1-on-1 coaching and mindset training under one roof?!

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