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The When the Cleats Come Off Podcast

Hosted by Ashley Burkhardt - Egel

Growing up playing softball in the Midwest, some of my favorite memories with my dad were when we researched drills together on YouTube, watching the game on TV and simply spending time learning the game together.

I wish podcasts were a thing my dad and I could turn on whenever we wanted to learn more about a subject in softball or to simply learn more tools of what makes the best SO GREAT! 

So, during the pandemic I got SO INTO podcasts myself, that I had the urge to create one that spends time teaching not only the physical things that could help athletes succeed in games, but also the mental side of things (that not many are talking about!) that are truly essential to becoming great at ANYTHING!

In this podcast, I share a lot of my family and I's experience through little league, rec ball, travel ball, D1 softball, and also professional softball and also my experience coaching athletes at the youth and collegiate levels.

The game has taken me to wild places, introduced me to brilliant people, and many of these episodes include All-Americans, Hall of Fame Coaches, Olympians, Sports Psychologists and more incredible who share their own experiences and expertise that I believe everyone in the game can learn and grow from.

If your athlete wants to become a better version of her in this game, and you want to help her get there, I encourage you to dive into these episodes and learn what it REALLY takes for your daughter to take her game to its potential -- and maybe even beyond it like I did (outside those white lines -- you know... "When the Cleats Come Off").

I don't care where you live...the dreams that your athlete has for herself CAN HAPPEN, and I want to help as many athletes and families in this game make the most of the enviroment that they have and become as great as they want to be!

Welcome to When the Cleats Come Off.

""Supporting her dream" -- The content Ashley shares are great lessons both on and off the field for my daughter. These young athletes will be so far ahead of the game learning the mental tools she provides in her podcasts to compliment the physical skills they are working on in practice."

- Alioopie11
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