A Membership to Help Your Athlete Master Her Swing and Her Mindset.

This 6-month Academy is a membership designed to give your athlete tools, strategies and challenges to help her master her swing, her at-home training, and her confidence so she's at her best come the most important games of the season!

Doors open January 1st and July 1st every year!

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The Virtual Hitting Academy


($97 every 6 months after!)

  • A Private Swing Analysis with Ashley (valued at $75)
  • Monthly Celebrity Guest Speaker Coaching Sessions (valued at $1200+)
  • A Library of 30+ Hitting Drills (valued at $150)
  • Weekly Hitting/Mental Game Workshops (valued at $750)
  • A Customized Hitter's Notebook (valued at $25)
  • Access to the 14-Day Goal-Smasher Confidence Course (valued at $7)

A $2207 Value!

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Inside The Virtual Hitting Academy, your athlete will learn...

  • how to handle pressure
  • unique drills that will help make her a stronger and more confident hitter
  • the importance of owning her swing and her game
  • signature practice routines that will drive consistent results from home
  • the accountability necessary to make her goals happen
  • failure-recovery techniques to help make faster adjustments
  • proven leadership strategies that she'll have with her forever...and so much more!

“I believe your athlete already has what it takes to be her best self on the field and I want to help her unleash it. Her superpower is HER and if she doesn’t know it yet, she soon will.” - Ashley B


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What people are saying...

Amanda Scarborough 

ESPN Analyst, Co-Founder of The Packaged Deal

Ashley brings light and positivity to anyone she works with! She is determined to make an impact on any player she comes in contact with AND she is determined to grow herself and her knowledge on a daily basis. Any parent would be lucky to get the opportunity for their daughter to be coached by Ashley!

Sheri W.

Mother of Academy Member, Katie

It is fantastic way to work on both your mental and physical game!! Ashley is an amazing coach who is always positive and upbeat and seems to have endless knowledge about the game and how to be the best you can be. We love everything she does!! ❤️

Don't have an elite hitting coach near you?


I didn't have an elite hitting coach close by growing up, and if that's the case for you too, you have access to include private virtual hitting instruction to your package as you wish! These are done via zoom, and you'll hit from your garage, outside, a local field or just wherever you like to hit! It's not a requirement, but only an exclusive option for members only!

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Steve S. II

Father of Academy Member, Julia

"It (VHA) really kept my daughter, Julia, focused on her goals. She now writes in her journal everyday and works harder than ever to obtain her goals. She loves keeping to a schedule, so logging in everyday was perfect for her. The positivity and love for the game of softball from Ashley truly motivated Julia become a better player and person."

Hey, I'm Ashley!

I'm a former D1 and professional softball player from the midwest who has built a coaching platform that has reached thousands of athletes who are looking for tools to unleash their potential in the game no matter where they live. Tap the video to learn more about me and why I love this work and get to know me a little better!


BONUSES found inside Academy!

- 3 strength/agility/speed at-home workouts

- Nutrition/post-game recovery videos

- Exclusive ABT gear (t-shirt & more!)

- A downloadable app you can take Academy with you wherever you go!

- A private Facebook group to share "wins" with and more

- 15+ hours of recorded celebrity guest coaching sessions at your fingertips

- Exclusive access to 1-1 Virtual Coaching with Ashley

- An optional athlete "GroupMe" (moderated by Ashley)

Added $550 Value!

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Do you struggle taking your great practices into games?

It's not just about mastering drills...it's being able to take the work applied in practice and taking into your games that will bring you the success you're looking for. Learn what it takes to be confident when the pressure is at its highest through our mental skills coaching.

Doors open January 1st-14th

You don't have to figure it out all on your own.

From what I've learned through my incredible parents is that parenting is hard, and you shouldn't have to do all this by yourself. This Academy was built on accountability, work-ethic, teamwork and support so your daughter can have a community surrounding her at all times which will in-turn strengthen your overall relationship.

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Doors will not open again until July, 2023!

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