*New clinic announced in Omaha, NE - July 29th!*

Virtual Coaching Opportunities

We all love in-person clinics, lessons and playing opportunities (I know I do!), but the reality is we can only be so many places at once. When your schedule gets tricky - or you're just not physically near one of my in-person offerings - I've still got you covered!

I know you have big goals and dreams, let's work together to get you there!

"Ashley dives deep into motivation, goal setting, visualization and journaling - all of the things that you know need to be done in order to reach the highest levels of the sport, but also the things that are almost always neglected by other instructors."

Father of ABT Athlete

Virtual Hitting Academy is a program built to teach your athlete accountability and discipline towards her goals while also emphasizing swing development and confidence all in one!


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