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Here are some of my BEST secrets to help you become the most CONFIDENT athlete you can be. All you need is the will to become a better, stronger version of you. The course costs only $7 and starts the second you sign up. You ready?

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"The $7 Goal Smasher course was absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough good things. It really kept my daughter, Julia, focused on her goals. She now writes in her journal everyday and works harder than ever to obtain her goals. She loves keeping to a schedule, so logging in everyday was perfect for her. The positivity and love for the game of softball from Ashley truly motivated Julia become a better player and person. Thank you Ashley Burkhardt Training!"

- Steve (Daughter Julia) - #SMASHTRIBE Member

Ashley Burkhardt Training's 2-Week #GOALSMASHER Course

Spend the next two weeks focusing on what YOU can control and that's YOUR effort. Every day, you'll be prompted with a new 30-minute task that is guaranteed to help you become physically and mentally a stronger softball player who's ready to take on the challenges of season...whenever that may be.

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This course was created for any and all softball athletes who are CRAVING to take step-by-step action towards their goals, and are eager for some guidance from home!

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