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Uncategorized Sep 18, 2020

Who would've thought my coaching career would truly spark 💥 in 2017 at an OU Softball camp?! Not me!

This was just after Oklahoma had won consecutive national titles and HUNDREDS of kids from across the country came to be a part of the fame and legacy Patty Gasso and her crew of elite coaches built at OU.

My former assistant coach at Purdue, and now hitting coach at OU under his mom, JT Gasso, knew I had just got done playing professionally and was trying to figure out what was "next" for me now that my playing career was done.

After learning how HE got his start in coaching by working college softball camps in the recent podcast interview we had together, it was pretty clear now why he asked me to come to theirs.

At the camp, I was surrounded by coaches who LOOOOVED and RESPECTED the game more than anything, youth athletes who dream of wearing a college uniform one day and current OU players that had just come off of winning a National Championship 🏆 and we're already in pursuit of their next one...

The energy was CONTAGIOUS and the standards to put on an AMAZING camp were HIGH!

I remember staying in one of the college dorms EXHAUSTED each and every day of pouring my heart and soul into these athletes and getting to know people who love the game as much as me. 💓

Youth athletes are ITCHING to be surrounded by mentors who are eager to support them and give them the tools they need to succeed. They're looking for FUN, and EXCITEMENT and EXCELLENCE...and those camps were the whole package! 🙌


I'm sitting here so grateful JT asked me to travel to OU and truly experience that atmosphere, because who knows if I'd be here today if I hadn't...

You can now watch or listen to my interview with JT on the "When the Cleats Come Off" podcast and hear insights on how he runs the offensive ship at OU from practice planning, mindset training and learn why every athlete and team should adopt the #ChampionshipMindset mentality that OU has!

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