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How to help an athlete who's being hard on themselves

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Let's keep it real. Our athletes are too hard on themselves.

I spent the entire week and a half working on this new concept to help my athletes gain confidence and the feedback has been THROUGH THE ROOF!

One athlete finally gained so much self-esteem, I'm pretty sure SHE could have instructed ME the entire rest of the virtual lesson and another smiled more than I have seen her in ages.

Here's a quick tutorial of how it happened. 

I asked each of them two things:

- What was their favorite color...and 

- What was their favorite animal. 

I received some blue elephants, pink giraffes and my personal favorite was a PURPLE NARWHAL! *like from the movie Elf!*

With this, the entire lesson they had to say their signature color and animal phrase EVERY time they feel like they crushed the ball... *the catch was, if I felt like they crushed it and they didn't, they owed me a burpee on the spot!* (the point of this is finding great things that they don't see--MANY of my athletes had lots of burpees this week!)

You see, our athletes tend to spend more time thinking about the bat cuts than they do the great ones, and THIS practice allowed them to start LOOKING for the great hits. After a while they started looking forward to the great swings and started yelling "BLUE TIGER!", "PINK GIRAFFE!", and I'm sure some parents were so confused with what was happening in the garage at that point! LOL! They had SO MUCH FUN with this!


The more we encourage them to look for the GOOD, the more GOOD they're going to see in themselves. Guaranteed.

If you try this out at home, I would LOVE to hear your feedback! Share your responses by reaching out to me on Instagram - @ashleybtraining! I can't wait to hear how this practice transforms how your daughter starts looking at herself and the skills she works so hard perfecting!


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Happy Hitting!

Ashley B


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