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How to keep your athlete more inspired

Have you ever wondered WHY your athlete may struggle with motivation from time-to-time? People are asking me this question a lot and my first response is always: "Does she have any goals?" 

Oftentimes, the answer I get is "I don't really know."

How would you answer this question?

First off...I need to tell you there should be ABSOLUTELY no shame in not knowing the answer to this yet...most people don't!

And today, I'm going to share with you WHY it's important to know, and how you can start being a huge motivator in your athlete's life when you do!

Studies show, if someone has a goal and are constantly being reminded of where they're headed, they'll be more inspired to put the work into that goal, even on the days where it's hard and they don't want to. HECK when I wasn't inspired to practice on my own in high school, I remember my dad saying: "I thought you wanted to play D1 softball. If you did, you'd practice today."

Call it tough love or whatever but IT WORKED!

Him reminding me of the very goal I was after inspired me to think about my future self, and who I was striving to be one day.

My dad always reminded me that college athletes:

- were the hardest workers in the country and were tough as nails

- had to work for everything they got

- knew what their strengths and weaknesses were

- and they never quit

...because papa Burkhardt kept reminding me of who I told him I wanted to be one day is why I just about always went and practiced after that. **NOTE! He almost always let ME choose to practice, and that's what I admired about him. He never pushed me to do it when I didn't want to.



Our athletes need us to remind them of where they're headed. Maybe it's once a week, then once a month, or a few times a year, when the motivation just "isn't there"...which, I promise, will happen on this journey will happen A LOT!

If you need some tips on how to help your athlete come up with a goal (and the importance of having one) use this video as a resource >>>

If you just want to be FLIPPING INSPIRED in 2021 to make those big goals happen for you check out CJ Beatty and I's conversation on When the Cleats Come Off Podcast>>>


I'm here for you. If you're looking for more ways to inspire your athlete, THEY LOVE YOUTUBE and may get a lot out of conversations we've put together on our YouTube Channel about goal-setting, positivity, motivation and more!  We at ABT want to help you and your athlete have the tools you need to level up in this game.


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