The incredible things my first travel ball team taught me.

The Fort Wayne Fire 🔥 was the first travel team I ever played on...Luckily we spent 5+ years together and I've never had more fun playing the game in my entire life.
When you start playing, it's SO important to be around people that encourage you, inspire you to be your best and you simply have a blast competing with.
I'm not saying every team is going to be best friends, but I do think it's important to be around people to accept you for who you are --- for me that was awkward, skinny, fast and aggressive on the bases.
Sadly, I don't think many young teams now have little to no turnover like we did. The team was led by two dads (including mine) and our mission was simple: learn how to compete and have some flipping fun while doing it.
We built this team from the ground up. 📈 We started playing in local tournaments (I'm pretty sure we played in Warsaw, IN almost every weekend 😂), then we started making a name for ourselves and within a few years started getting invites to showcases in Colorado, etc.
We built that.
WE made a name for ourselves on our own.
WE EARNED those invites.
WE played well together because we loved each other.
WE wanted to win and were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.
I firmly believe my competitiveness and love of the game came from this group (and the many others I got to play with not pictured)...and I'm lucky to say that I'm a Fort Wayne Fire girl for life!🔥
We ended up splitting up not because we didn't love each other anymore but because, as we got older, some of our goals were different than others (some wanted to play at high level colleges and some didn't)... and it was just time to part ways.
I can't believe I got to spend an entire weekend in Nashville, TN with a few of my old teammates that I hadn't seen in 10 years!  -- We're already looking to see where the gang is going to get together next because this group is a forever one.
Especially you young ones in the game...Find your people. Find your tribe. Find your fire (pun intended ;)  And don't forget to find joy in the journey....and stay awkward. 😜

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