"You're not like everyone else, and we're not here to fit a mold."

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"Supporting her dream"

The content Ashley shares are great lessons both on and off the field for my daughter. These young athletes will be so far ahead of the game learning the mental tools she provides in her podcasts to compliment the physical skills they are working on in practice.

- Alioopie11 (Apple Podcasts)

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"Great Info" 

As a parent it's good to hear the perspective from an experienced player. I'm looking forward to more episodes to not only benefit my daughter but for me to be more supportive of her <3

- ajcol269 (Apple Podcasts)

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"Championship Mindset" w/ Oklahoma University Hitting Coach JT Gasso

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2020 

Learn straight from the source of one of the most respected programs in the WORLD how their standard of excellence is the reason why THEY ARE SO GOOD!

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How to Be Your Biggest Critic AND Your Biggest Fan w/ Phillies Mental Skills Coach Hannah Huesman

OCTOBER 7th, 2020

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Here's how we can change that!

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4 Qualities of Greatness

AUGUST 6th, 2020

Ashley explains 4 of the top reasons why she was able to become a D1 and pro athlete from her experiences and failures to her parents and their support!

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Once your athlete shares with you "My goal is to.....", you now have the keys 🔑 to help unlock her potential.

Posted by Ashley Burkhardt Training on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Am I Too Hard On My Athlete?

I grew up with a dad who was hard on me. I know it. He knows it. We all know it. Even though most of it was the harmless “tough love”, some of it wasn’t, and it had a negative impact on me in the long run. If you’re wondering if you might be “too hard” on your athlete, today I’m giving you the signs that this could be the case and also sharing a few tips on what you can start doing TODAY to do something about it! Check out "Am I Too Hard on My Athlete" here>>>

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