Team Zoom Coaching Calls with Ashley Burkhardt

These sessions are designed for the team that is looking for that extra edge to put them on top...and maybe need a little nudge to get there.

Team Zoom Coaching Call w/ Ashley


  • 30 minute Zoom call with Ashley and the entire team
  • 15 minute "prep" call the coaching staff will have with Ashley
  • 15 minute break down after the event with the coaching staff
  • Motivation for your team to accomplish the goals they've set for themselves!

These calls are for you if your team needs more:


Your team has the talent, but don't think they're good enough to be a "winning" team.


You have a bunch of individuals or "cliques" but not a team that works together.


You're tired of getting walked all over as a coaching staff and want players who listen and respect you.


You're looking for a team with more focus, drive and are ready to take their game to the next level.

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Testimonial from Coach Puck:

My 12U softball team just ended a Zoom call with Ashley. It was excellent. She made it personal by having a phone call with me ahead of team to learn about my team. Then during the team call, she nailed it like she’d been following our team all season. She has a way of conveying a message of confidence and optimism that was easily absorbed by a group of 12 year olds. She had great stories that tied to the lessons taught which made the whole call very engaging. She is VERY GOOD at what she does and we will be checking in with her often.
I should note that I considered leaving a bad review because I don’t want any of my competition to find out about or use her.

Let's build a team who loves to compete together

It takes time to build trust, but the best teams learn how to win and lose together and enjoy the process of their growth. Our job as coaches is to remind them how far they've come and keep them focused on where they're headed, and we'll work on this in our Team call.

I'm Ready

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