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10 Ways Softball Players Can Boost Their Confidence TODAY

COVID HIT US HARD! ...I'd be surprised if someone said they're not lacking a bit more confidence than normal!

Confidence comes from doing HARD things and doing whatever it takes to accomplish them, but being cooped up in the house under quarantine, addicted to social media, and having our phones and Netflix at our disposal 24/7 makes it pretty tough to do that.

Studies show --"Those who fail regularly, but keep getting up and trying again anyway, are better equipped to respond to challenges and setbacks in a constructive way." 

So...I decided to give you a list of 10 resources (and a bonus of course 'cause I just couldn't stop myself!) that I have either created or learned that softball athletes can use *at their disposal ;) * to help boost your confidence RIGHT NOW. Some of these require HARD WORK, but I promise the harder it is, the more you're going to be proud of yourself and feel like a million bucks!

Here they are (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!):

  1. Set A Goal - tap to view recording --get out your notebook and you're going to learn how to create a goal AND the roadmap it's going to take to get there! --then wakeup every day and remind yourself of that goal. PROMISE it works!
  2. WRITE A STRENGTHS LIST: Set a timer for 5 minutes (with no distractions!) and write down ALL THE THINGS you're good at. When we aren't confident, we're telling ourselves all the things we're BAD at instead of the good!
  3. Do a challenging workout! - Whip our a cage, a tee and some balls and do this 1hr LIVE hitting class! I give out 5 drills and conditioning to make you feel tired BUT feeling like a million bucks by the end!
  4. Learn something new! - Watch a professional softball game with the SMASHTRIBE team and I as we breakdown a game (especially the hitters!) and get eager to compete! --bring a notebook, you're going to learn LOTS!
  5. Remember Why You Love to Play - easy peasy!
  6. Help someone else - If you're an older athlete, teach a young athlete what you know. Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter and find positivity from helping others. Help someone who needs you, and you'll start to feel your value multiply!
  7. JAM TO SOME MUSIC! - During COVID I created a "pump me up" playlist that will boost your mood and help make you feel unstoppable! Tap here to listen to it on Spotify!>>>
  8. Confront your fears! - Pick the HARDEST drill from these hitting drills and practice to become great at it - put in 10 minutes a day, and you'll be able to see AND FEEL progress by maybe even day 2!
  9. Build a GROWTH Mindset -- PARENTS! the end of each day, ask your athlete what's one thing she failed at today and one thing she learned from it. One day complies into two..and then all of a sudden she has 365 challenges she's learned from. Help her grow and ENCOURAGE failure (as long as she learns from it)
  10. STOP COMPARING! - Social media is a TRAP to make you compare yourself to other people. Go back to the strengths list and appreciate the gifts YOU have and put them into action! -- and maybe limit phone time ;) **my phone turns off every social media app after 30 minutes I've been on it! It works WONDERS!
  11. Bonus: LOOK Confident...and you'll start feeling it - Listen to "Why Look good, feel good, play good actually works" on Spotify>>>


All athletes need challenges to thrive *it's in our blood ;) *...and when we face them head on, THEN we can celebrate and relax with some Netflix and ice cream! Just like anything, it takes TIME to build tremendous confidence, so doing these things one time will only go so far. Do something challenging EVERY DAY and watch your confidence GO THROUGH THE ROOF! <3


(Overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS?! --Start with ONE you resonate most with, get REALLY good at it, and see where it takes you!)

Happy confidence building!


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