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Justin McLeod: What to expect this college softball season

Here, we go! College softball is almost back in action and I have none other than one of the best college softball reporters in the game, Justin McLeod, here to share some of his predictions of the 2023 season, big match-ups we should be on the lookout for this year, HOW you can watch and track college softball all season long and some “behind the scenes” of some of your favorite college players and coaches!

I’m excited to introduce you to one of my friends in the game who knows just about EVERYTHING going on in the college game before we even do. He stays up late researching and traveling to the best college match-ups so he can be one of the first to report college softball upsets, milestones, moving stories and he’s been doing it for quite some time. 

You may know him (like I originally did) from his articles written by Justin’s World of Softball but now he’s a journalist for Extra Innings and gets to share his stories on their college softball platform and keep us up to date with all the news in the game we need to know!

I’m excited for you to get to know in this episode:

  •  his predictions for the 2023 season, 
  •  some of his FAVORITE stories he’s ever written, 
  •  some behind the scenes from some of your favorite college coaches and players,
  •  why journalism can really be a HARD gig at times, 
  •  BIG match-ups we should keep our eyes on this season, 
  • why Coach Carol Hutchins holds a special place in his heart,
  •  some of the BEST (and sometimes FREE) ways you can keep track of all the college softball madness this upcoming season anddddd 
  • shedding a little light on the controversy of Extra Innings ranking the top players in the recruiting class of 2028
  •  a pretty cool PODCAST announcement I have a feeling you’ll be excited about! 


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I loved this interview, especially the honesty around some of the hardest parts about his field of work. I definitely cannot do what he and his team do and I’ve gained SO MUCH respect for those in his field…especially when backlash is ALWAYS happening!


Find how you can follow Justin and all of his articles and even start binging his brand new podcast episodes “From the Cheap Seats” —I’m so excited for this — now live wherever you’re listening to this podcast. They just launched a few episodes (literally today!) if you are listening the day this episode came out — so get ready to binge on more college softball news! Head to Extra Innings Softball here>>>

Follow Justin’s work on Extra Innings Softball - https://extrainningsoftball.com/category/college/ 

Follow Justin on Twitter - https://twitter.com/justfactsmaam 

Watch this Interview on YouTube - https://youtu.be/zgPZ5XDotGY 



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  Never got get to Stay Awkward, Stay Humble, and Keep smiling! See you next week! - Ash


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