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Why having a "role model mindset" will change the game for you

Not many people know who mine is, but here it goes.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, everyone has someone that they look up to. I think the term “role model” is seriously underrated. People say it’s cliché to have one, but I think they are too proud to admit it!

Everyone needs at least one human to learn HOW good people in this world should look and act in certain circumstances, especially the tough ones.

She will probably never know this, but Caitlin Lowe (4x All-American outfielder at Arizona Softball and USA Softball Olympic Medalist) was mine. Some of my favorite memories were hanging with my dad at night and watching her play on TV (and not tell mom that I stayed up super late!). I can’t remember what age I fell in love watching her play, but all I know is I grew up idolizing her.

She would rope hard slaps to the fences, lay down the most beautiful bunts and steal every...

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โ€œYouโ€™re not like everyone else, and weโ€™re not here to fit a mold.โ€

I had a moment where I didn't live out my motto...

I did it last week, and I'm definitely not proud of it. I travel a lot. I've chosen a lifestyle where I spend a crazy amount of days traveling to camps, clinics, meetings, or heading across the country to watch my sis play college softball, and who knows what else I decide to hop on a plane to go and do...but on this particular travel day, I met a flight attendant who I let take a little too much of my energy...and I did something I regret.

Because I spend so much time flying, you would probably assume by now, I’d know the “rules” of flying.

  • “Make sure your seat belt is fastened, your seat is in the upright position and your tray table is down.”
  • “All laptops and large devices need to be packed away and stowed before takeoff.”

And my favorite…

  • “Make sure all cellular devices are in “airplane mode” once the cabin door closes." ---ding, ding, ding!...
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Why we should honor the good, the bad, and most especially the ugly

bad good struggle ugly Mar 02, 2020

I think it’s about time I step out of my comfort zone and share some of the real things I’ve experienced as an athlete and beyond. Who knows where this journey will pull me, but we all know it’s when we get out of that comfort zone where we learn more about ourselves than we ever thought imaginable.

So, here goes nothing…

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve always encouraged my players to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly that happens to them in softball. It sounds silly, but hear me out. I have them write things like: their favorite softball memory of all time, those tiny details of their routine that allows them to be their own, unique self, maybe that terrible strike-out to end a REALLY important game which left them feel defeated or even that cue that “clicked” in their brain which brought out the best swing they’ve ever felt in their life.

I truly believe writing things down helps our brain...

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