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How coaches can work better with sports parents and create an extraordinary team culture - JP Nerbun


Let's face it. Parents get a bad reputation out there in the softball world...and I believe it's only because of a handful of parents who make the experience tough for everyone around them.

Maybe they're playing "through" their athlete and hoping so bad they don't make the same mistakes they did. Maybe the parent wants it more than their athlete and it's frustrating when they think their daughter is being "lazy". Maybe they're hard to communicate with because they carry their bad day at work with them. 

As a coach, it's tough to do your job when you feel as if every decision you make is going to get judged or criticized, but I wanted to share this with you today to give you encouragement to work on building a culture that doesn't tolerate gossip, but instead believes in the system and has an ecosystem around it that wants to support it. 


Coaches, sometimes the best way to be SEEN as a human and not just a dictator of a team is to show you're human..and the...

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Amanda Lorenz: How to get the MOST out of yourself in the box!

FLORIDA GATORS (2016-2019)

Amanda Lorenz - Softball - Florida Gators

I was HONORED to get to sat down with Amanda Lorenz on an Instagram LIVE recently and THANKFULLY we recorded the whole convo! We talked a little bit about what she's up to right now preparing for her second pro ball season, how she speaks to herself in the box all the way to her POWERFUL message about her "why" and her purpose as a softball player and role model for young athletes.

I met Amanda roughly 2 years ago, but I'll get back to that story later...

Before even meeting her, I had always admired the way she played the game. These are a few things that stuck out to me from watching her from afar:

She had a GREAT relationship with her head coach Tim Walton. She respected him by looking him in the eye when he had something to say to her, and they...
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