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Here are a few ways you can train with ABT! 

From virtual 1-1 coaching, team calls, to courses that can be done from home, below you can find all the ways Ashley Burkhardt Training can help YOUR athlete become the strong, confident athlete she was meant to be!


The $7 #GOALSMASHER Confidence Course!

 I've learned that along our softball journey, some athletes have a clear vision of their goals and motivation to make them happen, and then there are athletes looking for that. Well, this 14-day course is here to help your athlete find that.

14 days


30 minute simple activities


a more confident athlete with a roadmap to make her goals happen.

Athletes who have completed each segment of the 14-day course left with more belief in their abilities because they carved out time to work on themselves and grow their mental muscle! Most athlete's AREN'T doing this!
*See how Kaitlyn did below!*
You know how practice makes perfect? Well, the more you practice your mental muscle, the more confident you will be. Period. 
*Included in the #SMASHTRIBE Hitting Academy*
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Kaitlyn, 12

I like that in the Goal-Smasher course there were physical workouts that were tough and ways to work on my mental game. My favorite thing Ashley taught me was to picture myself as the player I want to be and how to get there.  On one of her lives she said that she didn’t want people to have to drive hours at a time to get to a lesson so she even started doing online lessons. There is a whole lot to love about Ashley!

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Elite Hitting Training

$60 / 30-min Virtual Hitting/Mental Skills Session w/ Ashley

 I used to drive 2 hours ONE WAY to lessons every single week, which is exactly why I built this opportunity...to work with an elite coach, without having to waste the time, energy, and GAS to get there!

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Virtual Team Calls

$150 per team

Does your team need a little goal-setting session or some motivation right now?!

Well, I'd love to meet with you via Zoom and get you back to being the cohesive and strong team we all know you can be!

Let's breakdown WHAT your team needs to hear on a virtual call together, soon! 

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Vincent Castro (Daughter Kenzie), New York

"I honestly could not have expected what she ended up giving to my team. The time she took to instruct each girl (we had 12 on the zoom call), but she had their undivided attention the whole time. She made sure that she was able to relate the girls in some way, and it helped them connect on a whole different level. The girls were in awe of Ashley. Not just because of her accomplishments and her training, but because of how real of a person she was while talking to them. She made them feel comfortable, and that their improvement and gain in softball mattered to her.

If you are looking for an amazing experience for your girls, time with Ashley will speak for itself, but if you need a recommendation, I have 12 girls, 3 coaches and 24 parents who will tell you that there is no one better!"

Host an ABT Camp in your area!

Prices vary based on location!

Ashley and her team are willing to travel anywhere in the US to host their next 1-day ABT camp. 

Want to request a camp/clinic in your area?

Email Ashley for more info! - [email protected] 

ABT Remote Training Opportunities

Here are a few of the remote workshops designed to enhance physical and mental skills!

The #GOALSMASHER Course is more of a learn-at-your-own pace course designed to build confidence for the softball athlete who is looking for a clearer vision of her goals, and the #SMASHTRIBE Academy Membership includes 1-1 virtual and in-person Training opportunities, a library of exclusive hitting drills, monthly mental skills calls with all current #SMASHTRIBERS, at-home strength and hitting workouts, ABT gear, and more!

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