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Ep. 180 - Lizzy Ristano: Swing fundamentals and how to build your competitiveness

Back when I was in high school I used to go to Notre Dame Softball camps every year…it was the premier softball university within 2 hours of my home and my dad was always set on making sure I was coached by the best. Lizzy Ristano was the hitting coach on staff at the time and she really knew how to throw an epic clinic…she LOVED practice, and every clinic I attended you could tell this was her passion — from teaching us some signature drills the Irish did, throwing us in front of tough machines and live pitching, getting what felt like MILLIONS of reps and even giving us a dog toy to lean how to have better barrel path — I always left their feeling refreshed and eager to take the work I just did into my own practice with dad at home…


Needless to say, Lizzy was a huge reason why I started LOVING the art of the swing and working to become as great as I could at it.


Fast forward to 2019 — an opportunity arrived where I got to coach...

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